Asus K55 A32-K55X Replacement Laptop Battery

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ASUS A32-K55 Battery Fits the Following Models:

A42-k55 A45 A45DE A45DR A45VD A45VM A55 A55A A55A-SX060V A55DR A55V A55VD A55VJ A55VM A55VS A75DE A75VJ A75VM F75A-EH51 F75A-WH31 F75VD F75VD-EB51 F75VD-TY163H K45DR K45VD K45VM K55A K55DE K55VD-DS71 K55VJ K55VM-SX086D
K75VJ N55 N55SF N55SL P55VA R400D R400V R500A R500D R500N R500V R500VD R500VD-RS71 R500VM R500VM-SX142V R505 R550CM R700A R700V R700VM R704A-TY260H U57A X45VD X55 X55A X55C X55U X55VD X75VB


ASUS A32-K55 Battery Compatible model:

A33-K55 A41-K55 A42-K55 X55 X55A X55C X55U X55V X55VD X75 X75 X75A X75V X75VD R400 R400D R400DE R400DR R400N R400V R400VD R400VG R400VM R400VS R500 R500A R500D R500DE R500DR R500N R500V R500VD R500VM R500VS R700 R700D R700DE R700DR R700N R700V R700VD R700VM R700VS
SKU: Asus-1596



  • Brand: Asus
  • Voltage : 10.8V  |
  • Capacity:  50Wh
  • Battery color: Black

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