Lenovo E480 Original Genuine Laptop Battery ( 6 months Warranty)

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Replace Part Number:

  • 01AV445 01AV446 01AV447 01AV448 L17L3P51 L17M3P51 L17M3P52 L17C3P51
  • SB10K97606 SB10K97607 SB10K97608 SB10K97609 5B10W13887 5B10W13888 5B10W13889 5B10W13890


  • ThinkPad E480 series – Type 20KQ, 20KN
  • ThinkPad E485 series – Type 20KU
  • ThinkPad E490 series – Type 20N8, 20N9ThinkPad E495 series – Type 20NE

    ThinkPad E580 series – Type 20KS

    ThinkPad E585 series – Type 20KV

    ThinkPad E590 series – Type 20NB

    ThinkPad E595 series – Type 20NF

    ThinkPad E14 series – Type 20RA

    ThinkPad E15 series – Type 20RD, 20RE 

SKU: Lenovo-2458



  • Model: L17C3P51
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 45Wh 4120mAh
  • Color: Black 

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