Asus A31-K56 A32-K56 A41-K56 A42-K56 Original Genuine Laptop Battery

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Product Short Description

  • Product Type: Asus A31-K56 Original Laptop Battery
  • Condition: Brand new high Quality battery
  • Voltage : 14.4V  |
  • Capacity :  44Wh
  • Battery color : Black
  • Battery Part  Number: A31-K56, A32-K56, A41-K56, A42-K56.



Compatible Asus Laptop Models

Asus A46 A46C A46CA A46CM A46E A46SV Series
Asus A46SV-WX039D A46CA-WX043D A46CM-WX085V A46CM-WX095D Series
Asus A56 A56C A56CA A56CM A56E Series
Asus K46 K46C K46CA K46CM Series
Asus K46CA-WX013 K46CA-WX014 K46CA-WX015 K46CM-WX002D K46CM-WX003D K46CM-WX004D K46CM-WX007 K46CM-1AWX K46CM-WX025V K46CM-WX047V K46CM-WX090V Series
Asus K56 K56C K56CA K56CM Series
Asus K56CM-XX055D K56CM-XX014D K56CM-XX014 K56CM-XX055 K56CM-XX008 S56CM-XX046R Series.
Asus S40 S40C S40CA S40CM Series
Asus S46 S46C S46CA S46CM Series
Asus S46CA-WX016 S46CA-WX017R S46CA-WX017H S46CA-WX021R s46ca-wx044r S46CM-WX023V S46CM-WX046V S46CM-WX049D S46CM-WX053R S46CM-WX124H Series
Asus S56 S56C S56CA S56CM Series
Asus S56CA-XX011D S56CA-XX015D S56CA-XX019D S56CA-XX011V S56CA-XX011H S56CA-XX030R S56CA-XX056R S56CM-XX3317S S56CM-XX017V S56CM-XX018V S56CM-XX032D S56CM-XX034X S56CM-XX035X S56CM-XX035V S56CM-XX046R S56CM-XX069D S56CM-XX070D S56CM-XX072V S56CM-XX079V S56CM-XX08​
Asus S405 S405C S405CA S405CM S405CM-WX117H Series
Asus S505 S505C S505CA S505CM 505CM-XX188H S505CM-XX189P Series
Asus U48 U48C U48CA U48CM Series
Asus U58 U58C U58CA U58CM Series

Compatible Asus Battery Part Number

A31-K56, A32-K56, A41-K56, A42-K56.


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