ASUS X554L X555 37Wh C21N1347 Notebook New Original Genuine Battery

Original price was: KSh6,000.00.Current price is: KSh5,500.00.

  • Battery Type : Li-ion
  • Battery Condition :Brand New, Replacement
  • Model : C21N1347
  • Voltage : 7.5V
  • Capacity : 37Wh

Compatible with Battery code:

  • For Asus: C21N1347 2ICP4/63/134

Compatible with Laptop Models:

  • For Asus: X554L X555 X555L X555LA X555LD X555LN X555MA Series
SKU: Asus-2489



Compatible part numbers:

  • 0B200-01000000
  • 0B200-01000400
  • 0B200-01000500
  • 0B200-01130300
  • 0B200-01200000
  • 0B200-01200100
  • 0B200-01200200
  • 0B200-01200300
  • 0B200-01200400
  • 2ICP4/63/134
  • C21N1347
  • C21N1408

This product is compatible with Asus:

A555, A555D, A555DA, A555DG, A555L, A555LA, A555LB, A555LD, A555LD4010, A555LD4030, A555LD4210, A555LD5200, A555LF, A555LF5200, A555LJ, A555LN, A555LP, A555LP5200, A555U, A555UB, A555UJ, A555UJ-X0233R, A555UQ, A555Y, A555YI, A556, A556U, A556UA, A556UB, A556UF, A556UJ, A556UR, A556UV, C21N1347

A555L Series,F555Ln Series,K555L Series,K555La Series,K555Lb Series,K555Ld Series,K555Lf Series,K555Lj Series,K555Ln Series,K555Lp Series,R556 Series,R556L Series,R556La Series,R556Lb Series,R556Ld Series,R556Ln Series,R556Lp Series,Vm590 Series,X555 Series,X555Dg Series,X555L Series,X555La Series,X555Lb Series,X555Ld Series,X555Lf Series,X555Li Series,X555Lj Series,X555Ln Series,X555Lp Series,X555Ua Series,X555Ub Series,X555Uf Series,X555Uj Series,X555Uq Series,X555Ya Series,X555Yi Series,Y583L Series,Y583Ld Series


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