HP Pavilion X360 11-U018CA M1-u001dx Nu02xl Genuine Laptop Battery ( 6 months Warranty)

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  • Model: NU02XL
  • Voltage: 7.7V
  • Capacity: 35Wh/4560mAh
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Cells: 3-Cell
  • Color: Black

Compatible Models:

  • for HP Pavillion X360 M1 M1-U M1-U001DX Series Laptop

Compatible Part Numbers :

  • NU02XL HSTNN-UB6U TPN-W117 843535-541
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Compatible Battery Part Numbers

  • 844200-850NU02035XLTPN-W117844200-855843535-541NU02XLHSTNN-UB6UNU02035XL-PR

Compatible Laptop Models

  • Pavilion X360 11-U018CA| Pavilion X360 11-U062TU|Pavilion X360 11-U008TU| Pavilion X360 11-U020CA| Pavilion X360 11-U061TU|Pavilion X360 11-U034TU| Pavilion X360 11-U064TU|Pavilion X360 11-U009TU| Pavilion X360 11-U056TU|Pavilion X360 11-U048TU| Pavilion X360 11-U055TU|Pavilion X360 11-U020TU|Pavilion X360 11-U019TU|Pavilion X360 11-U044TU| Pavilion X360 11-U023TU| Pavilion X360 11-U022TU| Pavilion X360 11-U038TU|Pavilion X360 11-U021TU|Pavilion X360 11-U058TU|Pavilion X360 11-U067TU| Pavilion X360 11-U007TU| Pavilion X360 11-U045TU| Pavilion X360 11-U037TU|Pavilion X360 11-U066TU| Pavilion X360 11-U039TU| Pavilion X360 11-U063TU| Pavilion X360 11-U060TU| Pavilion X360 11-U065TU| Pavilion X360 11-U035TU| Pavilion X360 M1-U001DX

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