HP X2 11 Laptop Keyboard

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Laptop keyboard for HP for ENVY X2 11-G000  2B-06210PA00 694497-071 702369-071 0KNL-0K1SP19 without frame

Compatible models: For HP For ENVY X2 11-G000 11-G000444444 XX 11 G001TU 11-G002TU 11-G003TU 11-G004TU 11-G005TU 11-G006TU 11-G007TU 11-G008TU 11-G009TU 11-G010NR 1-G010TU U 11-GG 011NR 11-G011TU 11-G012NR 11-G012TU 11-G013TU 11-G014TU 11-G014TU 11-G014TU 01-G014 11-G017TU 11-G019TU 11-G020TU 11-G0. 21TU 11-G022TU 11-G023TU 11-G024TU 11-G025TU 11-G050BR 11-G050LA 11-G095CA 11-G101TU 11-G102TU 11T-G000 1T-G0 000 1 1T-G000 11T-G000.

SKU: Keyboard-1770



Brand: HP

Product: Laptop Keyboard

Color: Black

Model: X2 11


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